SampleChoose.xaml (8)
SampleUsingToolkitTreeview.xaml (13)
SampleUsingToolkitTreeview.xaml.cs (8)
SLDev1.csproj (12)
Added the DemoDataModel that show implementation of collection moves and spanning

DateScaler.cs (26)
Centering of dateScaler texts was broken for silverlight by the last wpf change, this is now fixed.

Gantt.cs (32)
Added better handling of RowChange and ExternalDragDrop on multiselect moves;
– New property on Gantt: public TimeItem[] SelectedTimeItems
– New properties on RowChange event:
– public TimeItem[] AllTimeItemsInMoveOperation;
– public bool StopOperationForFollowingTimeItems;
When a row change is performed on multiple time items, by multi select, you may want to handle the cluster move in the first RowChange event.
If so, set StopOperationForFollowingTimeItems=true, if you do not, each time item in the selection may get the RowChangeCall

GanttRow.cs (30)
SLDev1 (21)
Gantt.cs (31)
WPF ChangeGanttRow event did not fire correctly

TimeItem.cs (34)
Issue with TimeItem not jumping back when e.Allow==false

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