New compound sample for WPF based on the Microsoft FamilyShow has been added
New Sample datamodel with caclulation and moving of spans

DateScaler.cs (25)
Question about runtime key updated for wpf

DateScaler.cs (24)
DateScalerTextBrush was made a dependencyproperty to allow binding to dynamicresources etc
Datemark texts was not fully centered before

WPFGanttSamplesNew (2)
DemoDataModelForGTPNET_SL_WPF (4)
DemoDataModelForGTPNET_SL_WPF (3)
DemoDataModelForGTPNET_SL_WPF (2)
Properties (2)
DateScaler.cs (23)
Gantt.cs (30)
GanttRow.cs (29)
TimeItem.cs (33)
TimeItemLink.cs (14)
Multiple changes to gain performance by avoiding to render time items not on screen.
Changes to handle links when scrolling and to render links correclty when some time items are off screen

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