10974 : I’d like to use OnTimeItem_Hoover at GTP.WEB VB but its not available yet?


I’d like to use OnTimeItem_Hoover at GTP.WEB VB but it’s not available yet. can you please tell me if your’re working on that?



When allowing for the Ajax movable Gantt_ASP.ClientTimeItems the html is different from when using non-movable time items. So what we needed to do was to find a way for you to handle both the static and the ajax case.


For the static case you can use the OnAreaAttributes event on the server side to inject any script reference or attribute you need.


But for the Ajax case that is not possible. To solve this we added a property that allows you to inject javascript code to the client side:



Gantt_ASP.ClientSideJavaScript_TimeItemInit = “aImgElement.title=aClientTimeItem.UserString;\r\n”;

You can add any valid javascript statement (multiple rows) here. Use this to set up MouseOver reference for you client side Hover needs.

We also added the client side UserString on client side time items for you to use to pass Time item unique data.

Initiate the UserString by implementing this new event:

void Gantt_ASP1_OnTimeItemUserStringPrepare(PlexityHide.GTP.WEB.Gantt_ASP aGantt, PlexityHide.GTP.WEB.TimeItemUserStringPrepareArgs e)
“This time item starts at “+e.ti.Start.ToLongDateString();



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