10655 : My customer wants to prevent days from showing where he is not working?


It is easy to prevent some weekdays from showing (e.g. saturday, sunday).

But my customer wants to prevent such days from showing where he is not working (that are only some specific sundays, but not all sundays). Can I mark some specific dates that where not shown in the datescaler.


It is not possible to hide just one specific day in the datescaler. We actually had it working this way when we developed it, but everyone got really confused, and all our real user test showed that they got really really confused too. So we skiped it.

A better way (we think) is to signal with a color in the datescaler, or maybe draw background in the TimeItemArea.

If you really want to have the working days stacked up and nothing in between I guess you can do so by taking a startdate (lets say 2006-01-01) and index your work days from this date; workday1 = 1/1, workday2 = 2/1 and so on. Override the Datescaler output so that it shows your workday dates instead of the january dates. Remember to fix all Start and Stop values for start times from your own “Workday-calendar”. And Voila! you got your stacked up workday calendar…


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