10833 : How to obtain a runtime key for gtp.net?


How to obtain a runtime key for gtp.net? Since my last update of gtp.net i’ve to call RegisterRuntimeKey…


You get the runtime key by visiting this page http://www.plexityhide.nu/runtimekeys/Default.aspx 

You must enter your serial number (CSGTPXXX) & your exe or assembly name.

The exe or assembly name to use is the name of your produced assembly or exe that will call Gantt.RegisterRuntimeKey or Gantt_ASP.RegisterRuntimekey.

Do you run a web-project without assemblies? Then you enter the dns name (for this site its plexityhide.nu) of your  deploy server instead.

You will get an automated email directly on completion of the form with the key + instructions on how to enter it into your application.

Need more hints on what to enter in the assembly name box? You can call gantt_Asp1.RuntimeKeyHelp or/and gantt1.RuntimeKeyHelp_Assembly to get the correct info for your application.

About runtime keys:

Call this early in your application to register the runtime key.
The runtime key is free for registered users and is obtained as described at http://www.plexityhide.nu/runtimekeys/Default.aspx 

The runtime key is unique per application, you can obtain as many runtime keys as you need.
The runtime key is NOT a runtime license, registered users have the license, the runtime key only removes the runtime plexityHide marking.

The main reasons for the introduction of runtime keys are:

#1 To Better understand customer applications and demands to guide us in further development
#2 To better track evaluation copies and important customer feedback
#3 To Protect customer investments from unfair competition from pirates
#4 Increase awareness of the plexityHide brand


The key is compared with the application/assembly name in runtime so the key must be generated with the correct application/assembly name.

Call this in FormLoad for winforms:
For ASP.NET you can choose to enter the url instead of the application name in the form (http://www.plexityhide.nu/runtimekeys/Default.aspx)

Or if you have the Gantt in an assembly, you can use the assembly name.


Just visit

http://www.plexityhide.nu/runtimekeys/Default.aspx and follow the instructions.

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