10455 : TimeItem made from images


I want to create a timeline which taper like an arrow?
Can I select an Image for the middle part and one for the front and end part like some web site devolper tools?
I need a timeline like an arrow with pinnacles on both sides.    (For Example: <=======>; <=>; <==============================>)
Is it possible with GTP.Net?
Which size is optimal for the image?
And how does it works when I have a longer period?
In some web design tools I can choose a left and a right image and the middle part was draw/stretch for the period.


There is regretfully no out-of-the-box three image time item style (this is a good suggestion and we will remember this).

However if you choose “User” style on your time item and implement the OnTimeItem_UserDraw event you can easily implement this:


Its hard to give advise regarding the size; this pretty much depends on your design and the grid nodes row height that you want to use. If you are using variable row height etc.

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