10417 : Is there any way to control the scale divisions?


I am evaluating the phGantTimePackage for use in our Access application.
Is there any way to control the scale divisions?   The short scale appears to show in weeks in the scale value range 0.47 down to 0.067.  We want to force it to stay in weeks below this level.
The onScalerStringShort event will compile in Access VBA only if theStep parameter is declared as ByVal, hence it is not possible to change theStep within the procedure.


If you want to limit the scaling you can implement the OnLimitScaling. If you want to control how and when the DateScaler decides on a mode switch you can experiment with the IphGantX3.PixelsForModeSwitch property. It controls how few pixels a big intervall can contain before it is time for a mode switch (this is pretty advanced and probably pretty hard to get right)


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