10414 : Changing mousecursor in Gantt_ASP


Im using the _gantt_OnAreaAttributes() method to set up event handlers inside e.Result for the items on the gantt chart according to their e.AreaKind.

If I leave e.Result as it is then the item appears with the mouse cursor as a “hand” and causes a post back when you click the item. 
Is there something I can put in the e.Result to manipulate the mouse cursor type?


I thought that this should be as easy as:

    private void Gantt_ASP1_OnAreaAttributes(PlexityHide.GTP.WEB.Gantt_ASP aGantt, PlexityHide.GTP.WEB.AreaAttributeEventArgs e)
      if (e.AreaKind==AreaKind.TimeItem)
        e.Result+=" onmouseover=\"this.style.cursor='crosshair';return true;\" "; // add a cursor switch in mouse over
But I cannot get it to work, and I cannot really understand why. I think this is some browser limitation.
If I set this code in the img tag itself it will change the cursor, but it seems like IE6 will not run onMouseOver's for image maps.
So Sorry, cannot not currently help you. If you figure anything out please let me know...

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