10411 : How do I make sure my ganttrow is visible for the user?


We’re using plexityHide Gantt 1.3. How do I make sure my selected ganttrow is visible for the user? I’m able to select to row but not to scroll/navigate to it so it’s visible for the user.

Note: The timeItem is not selected by the user in the gantt.

_selectedTimeItem = tmpTi;
//Expand selected parent node
GridNode gn = _selectedTimeItem.GanttRow.GridNode;
if (!gn.ParentNode.Expanded){
 gn.ParentNode.Expanded = true;
gn.RowSelected = true;


In version 1.3 you will need to set the Gantt.Grid.Gridstructure.TopNode property to the desired node… If it is the last node this will look a bit strange so you might want some logic to set Gantt.Grid.Gridstructure.TopNode to a more appropriate value.

If you upgrade to 2.x you simply call gn.MakeSureVisible().

In 2.x you also have MakeSureVisible calls on TimeItems and cells.

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