10382 : Interactive DHTML control


When are you planning to develop an interactive DHTML control that i can use in my websystem. To most important features i need is that i can add tasks to the gtp.net control, add a date selector or add a custom control to a column. If this is already possible in gtp.net please tell me how to do it.



The approach for a fully interactive Gantt is to incorporate the windows forms gantt in a soap-box on the client. This works very much like java-applets.

We could do a lot more with the Gantt_ASP component than we currently offer, however there are no closed doors in the current release. You can add html data to your cell values, and you could use this to add links to some or all cells. Such links could point out client side scripts, or postback to the server. You could react to these callbacks and change the html to add an input box in the clicked cell to handle inplace edit.

Of course it would be better if we already had done this for you, but sorry to say we have not.

Some interaction as zooming and panoration is available in the Gantt_ASP. Developers can easily add more interaction by implementing events and changing the rendered html. You have seen this sample right? http://www.plexityhide.nu/

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