10353 : Reacting to changes of the datescaler


We(www.rostima.com) are evaluating your software and wish to know if the date scalar can be bound to a .net data grid the way the time-items have been bound to a data-grid on the left side…we would like to have an additional grid bound at the bottom of the timeitem area so that we should have a summary(day/month/quarter) wise within this grid which scales in sync with the date scalar…your component does most ot the things except this and we wished to know if this would be an available feature or if code of doing this could be made available.


You can bind to the Start and Stop properties of the DateScaler, or simple implement the OnScaleChangeEvent to update the content of such a grid. You would then need to apply your business logic to decide what the new content of that grid should be (here we have automatic functionality)

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