10310 : Drag drop time items in GTP.NET


I have done a treeview, which is internaly dragnable (in the grid area) to do some sorting. Now I would like to add the drag functionality to the timeitems the same way, with which I have very great difficulties. What is the best way to do such? (the examples Gantt_TimeItems and TimeDrag havent shown me the solution)


The dragging and dropping of time items are built in as core functionality. The sample TimeItemDragDrop show a more complex case of OLE dragging time items to a different control.

But dragging time items internally should be easy.

You can implement the event: gantt1_OnTimeItem_ChangeRow to react to a row switch, or gantt1_OnTimeItem_AfterMove to react to time axis move.

There are also properties in the timeItemLayout like AllowChangeRow that must be set to true (default).


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