10312 : Selection of a TimeItem after a row change


When I select a TimeItem, it works. If I move the TimeItem to another point on the same row, it remains selected. When I move the given TimeItem to another row then when it arrives at the given row it is no longer selected.

Interestingly enough, when I breakpoint the OnTimeItem_ChangeRow event, the TimeItem shows up as being selected. I also checked the OnTimeItem_AfterMove and the TimeItem shows up as being selected there, too.

Is there an event or setting that I need to change in order for the TimeItems to keep their selection status after a gantt row change?


I tried this and I cannot repeat it. My guess now is that your are doing this from a data bound sample and those actually re-create a new time item when the datarow has been changed. So if this is the case; what you can do is to catch the first new time item after such a row move, and select it; do this in the OnLayer_InsertComplete event…

Let me know if I’m not right, and please enclose a sample that shows this. TIA

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