10273 : No images in Gantt_ASP


I’m trying to test your gantt control in asp.net.

Currently i’m not able to test cause when i put the control on my webform, it looks like that the images for showing the controll can not be loaded or be found.

What i see is that i c:\temp 3 images are inside. The folder as fullaccess to everyone.

When i run the webapplication there is the same result. It looks like that images are not found.


The search path supplied is only used for design time images. In runtime the images are put into the cache and held for two minutes. The Gantt_ASP component uses the GTPImg.aspx page to retrieve the requested image from the designtime storage (disk) or the runtime storage (cache).

So your application must include a copy of the GTPImg.aspx page. You do not have to do anything special with it, just make sure that it is part of your project and resident in the same folder as your Gantt_ASP components owning web-form.


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