10241 : Limitation of move and Pauses in time items


i’m evaluating the component and i have some question:

1) i see in the sample Gant_ms_look.exe that is possible with drag and drop move up and down the time line (it have to be possible only left and right for changing during and position) and in the grid the item stay in the same location!??!?

2) is it possible put in pause (non only ono but also several) an activity?


1) Degrees of freedom is completly configurable by the developer. See properties on TimeItemLayout 


2) There is no limitation in how many time items you can put on a row. You can implement a pause as two time items with a third time item with a different look between, or you can do as the sample Gantt_TimeItems user draw sample where an object, holding extra domain specific information, was stored in the UserReference property of the time item and then retrieved on drawing of the time item to indicate the pause or break time.


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