10219 : Double click time item and bring up a dialog


I would like to be able to double click on an item in the chart and have a popup window that modifies the data and writes it back to our database.  How do I do this?


This is how you can find out the time item actually double clicked. To change it and update your DB; I leave that up to you, but the best approach would be to use databind for time items See the Gantt_Database or Gantt_DataBind sample in the general download. 

    private void gantt1_OnTimeItemAreaDoubleClick(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
      if (gantt1.FocusedTimeItem!=null)

Or if you want find a time item from a given pixel (sample in VB.Net):

Dim selectedTI As TimeItem = gnt_Planung.TimeItemFromPoint(gnt_Planung.TimeItemArea.PointToClient(MousePosition))
If Not selectedTI Is Nothing Then
MsgBox(selectedTI.GanttRow.GridNode.GetCell(0).Content.Value + ” Start:” + selectedTI.Start.ToString())
End If

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