10559 : Web deploy


Whenever we are accessing phGantTimePackage 3.0 through an ASP page using ActiveX control over internet, it is giving following error:

“Object doesn’t support this property or method”

and crashes the IE though the ActiveX control is registered on the client m/c correctly. To contrast with, if we access the same page on the local network, it is executing perfectly.


http://www.myserver.com/PTGantView.asp gives error while http://myserver/PTGantView.asp works fine (both are same m/c’s).

What can be the possible issue here? Any help would be highly appreciated.


When you want to distribute the phGantTimePackage.ocx over the web in this way you should use a cab file. You can use the cab file found here https://plexityhide.com/pub/CAB.zip further more, since the phGantTimePackage is a signed control you must use a lpk file on the web server (this does the same thing as the lic file on the local computer). The lpk files are enclose in the Cab.zip and they should be in the same folder as the cab file. The zip also contains a small htm sample page.