10783 : How can I sort the Gantt rows?


I have to sort data from a column that is date(initial date) in my Gantt.ASP

How can I sort the Gantt rows?

I have to do this when my gantt already have data, and I want to do this only with code(no click events)
I’m programming in VB.Net

Thanks for all.


To sort the content on GanttRows you must iterate every layer on each GanttRow and call Sort on the Layer that calls the collectionbase.innerlist.sort method. Implement your own comparer to sort. Do not use if this list is databound, if that is so, you should sort the datasource instead.

To Sort GridNodes you call Gantt.GridStructure.RootNodes.Sort you can send in your own object implementing IComparer to sort on any criteria.