10628 : Is there a way to hide the grid?


We’ve been using your phGantControl OCX for a few years now, and we would like to have it displayed with no tree and no grid visible. Is there a way to hide it, and to make sure the user won’t be able to make it visible (it seem that a separator can be dragged by the user to make the tree visible).


The grid row height controls the height of the Gantt row and currently the grid must be at least a few pixels wide so that the row height can be calculated.

The best way to “hide” the grid is to put something else above it, or kidnap it and put it somewhere else (offscreen). To do this you will need the window handle of the grid and call win32 windows functions to add a control to the grid (covering it) or to move the grid.

The windows handle is reached with the IphGantX3.HWndGrid property