10944 : gridNode.Expanded = true doesnt seem to be work in Gantt_ASP?


I have multiple rows on the GTP grid, where each row can have any number of child rows. It should be possible for the user to set which rows need to be expanded and which need not. However, the gridNode.Expanded = true doesnt seem to be working.
Also, its been noticed that in web component, all the rows are always collapsed when its loaded. Please provide pointers on what needs to be done.


Expanded/Collapsed state is stored in ViewState. So in order to change the client view it is not enough to set the GridNode.Expanded state.
You must instead use Gantt_ASP.Get/SetExpandedStatusForGridNode

    public bool GetExpandedStatusForGridNode(GridNode aGridNode)

Can be used in PageLoad more or less like this (This code does not check for postback so it will the effect that collapse appear not to work) 

      Gantt_ASP1.Gantt.Grid.Refresh(); // Makesure the grid is rendered and the datasources get initiated
      foreach (GridNode gn in Gantt_ASP1.Gantt.Grid.RootNodes)