10387 : Gantt for Delphi 7, how to use?


Im evaluating a few gantt tools for use in Delphi7.
I need some documentation
Is there anyway to find out how to use your software?
I dont see anything anywhere!
Teechart is integrated with a data set
What mechanism do you provide to load records


The phGantTimePackage comes both as VCL components and as an ActiveX.
The vcl components is probably the best choice for you.
The phGantTimePackage does not support datasource couplings, so you need to use the API to populate the Gantt chart with data.
The activex version is better documented since it has had a bigger audience thru the years, but all of the stuff in the ActiveX package is achievable with the VCL version (and more).
I guess that you downloaded the VCL version, but I suggest that you also download the ActiveX version and look over the samples there too, just to get a better picture on what is doable (most samples are in VB6).
Once you download the VCL package (make sure you get the right version 2006 will only work in BDS2006 and D7 will only work in Delphi 7).
The zip files contain dcu files and pbl files. Extract the contents to a new folder where you normally keep your third party components.
Open Delphi.
Close any open project.
Choose Components | Install packages
Choose Add.. in the dialog and browse to your folder were you extracted the dcu’s and bpl’s and choose the pbl.
You should now see the phGant etc components in a new plexityHide tab.
You should add the search path to the extracted dcu’s in the Library path.
The dcu’s are used for linking with your application. The bpl files contain the compiled code for design time behaviour.