Remove the RT-Key marking 2021 and onwards

To obtain a RT-Key (free for holders of GTP.NET license) follow these steps:

Login or create an account on – this is our sister company and we have consolidated all license management here.

Once logged in go to Views/Runtime Keys in th emain menu. Then Enter license key and choose GTP.NET product:


Then Generate key. Copy the value you get.


static void Main()

  RuntimeKey.Check.Register(“GTPNETblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblur”, “GENERATEDKEYblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblur”);


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