Runtime key–to remove runtime marking from GTP.NET

When you run newer versions of GTP.NET you get a button in the date scaler:


To remove this button from your production system you need a runtime key.

Runtime keys are free for registered users of GTP.NET.

This is how you create a runtime key

Visit this site:

Find the runtime key menu:


Enter you key – choose product (GTP.NET) – Generate key – copy the resulting key


In your application code do something like this – do this BEFORE component creation. You only need to do it once per application:

        public WinForm()
            RuntimeKey.Check.Register("YOUR-GTPNET-KEY==", "THE LONG GENERATED KEY FROM ABOVE =");


FAQ: But why? It is not fair that some use the GTP.NET without sharing the cost of maintenance.
The runtime key makes it easier for all users to remember to acquire a license and help share the cost of maintenance.

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