Gantt.cs (26)
SLDev1.sln (3)
MoveBetweenControls.xaml (8)
MoveBetweenControls.xaml.cs (5)
Added Gantt_WPF

TimeItem.cs (26)
TimeItem avoids setting non-time direction size

DateScalerGeneric.cs (8)
UseScheduleTimeLayoutForSmallIntervals was updated due to discovered bugs

DateScalerSamples.xaml (3)
DateScalerSamples.xaml.cs (2)
SampleUsingToolkitTreeview.xaml (9)
Sample updates, to show weeks in third band, to show bind to StartTime

GridColumnWidthKeeper.cs (3)
MultiColumnCoordinator the solution for a multi column tree

SampleUsingToolkitTreeview.xaml (8)
SampleUsingToolkitTreeview.xaml.cs (6)
Treeview column values updated on all gantt rows

TimeItem.cs (25)
IsPointOverActiveArea bug fixed

DateScaler.cs (18)
Gantt.cs (25)
GanttRow.cs (23)
TimeItem.cs (24)
TimeItemLink.cs (12)
Comments on public and protected.
Bug in FixedSize time items
FixedSize does not have resize cursor
Cursor only visible over active area

DateScaler.cs (17)
Gantt.cs (24)
GanttRow.cs (22)
TimeItem.cs (23)
Promodel changes reviewed and merged

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