10812 : Is there a basic example on how to use OnVirtualLoad_GantTime?


Question:Is there a basic example on how to use OnVirtualLoad_GantTime. I found one for the Grid, but not the GantTimes. I am using the phGantTimePackage for VCL v3.2.1.

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Actually there is no specific virtual load solution for the Time items. Partly because the time axis is easier to handle with normal events than the Grid-Y axis. The grid Y axis suffers from all kinds of problems when wanting to make it appear to have more information that it really has; like the scroll bar for example.

The time axis is easier in that respect. You can implement the phGant.OnScalerChange () event and simple check what visual span you have. Based in that you can delete data (Gantt time items) no longer needed and fetch new ones.

This could be packaged as a Virtual Load mechanism for time items, but it is currently not.

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