10796 : Dragging between Gantts…


I have two phGants on one form and drag between them and within them. When dragging between the gantts users hold down the cntrl key and when dragging within a single gantt they just drag the mouse. Problem is,, sometimes users forget and hold the control key down when dragging within a single control. The OnOlEDrop event does not trap for it. The senderid is always 0. How can I trap for this and know for sure whether they are dragging between two gantts or within 1 gantt?


When you recieve your GantTime you can check what phGant that owns in by navigating like this phDataEntity_GantTime.Row.TreeNode, when on the node you must iterate until TreeNode.Parent==nil then the TreeNode.OwningDataList will equal the phGantX.RootDataEntitiesTree for either Gantt1 or Gantt2


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