10755 : Cant use the samples.


Can’t use the samples. I tried to open the GTP.NET sample for Visual Studio 2003 VB.NET. When opening the vbproj file, the system states that several names are not a member of Plexihide.GTP. …

How can I solve this problem?


We are constantly updating the GTP.NET and in this case the assembly that the sample is trying to use is non existent or to old.

1. In the solution explorer, fold down references.
2. Find the PlexityHide.GTP and delete it, if you cant find it that is fine to.
3. Right click “References” and choose “Add Reference”
4. In the “Add reference” dialog choose “browse”
5. Locate the PlexityHide.GTP assembly in your install folder and the CLR11 (C:\Program Files (x86)\plexityHide.com\GTP.NET 2.3\CLR11)
6. Ok the dialog and the assembly is added.
5. F5 and run

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