10596 : Deleting a link


We are evaluating your phGantTimePackage and we have a doubt: we want to delete a link made between 2 tasks. We’ve used the addLink method, but we have a problem when we try to delete the link. We saw a code example in your web and tried to follow it, but we encountered a problem with the types that the method GetLinks returns.

The code line is: “If ((Not alink.LinkOwner Is Nothing) And (Not alink.LinkedTo Is Nothing)) Then” and the error is: ‘the object doesn’t admit this method’.

The complete code is:

Dim alink As IphDataEntity_Link
  For i = 0 To theGant.GetLinks.Count() – 1
    Set alink = theGant.GetLinks.Items(i)
    If Not alink Is Nothing Then
      If ((Not alink.LinkOwner Is Nothing) And (Not alink.LinkedTo Is Nothing)) Then
        If (alink.LinkOwner = SomeObject of type ‘phGantXControl.IphDataEntity_GantTime’) Or (alink.LinkedTo = = SomeObject of type     ‘phGantXControl.IphDataEntity_GantTime’) Then
        End If

What is wrong? Is there any method similar to addLink for delete a link?


When you have the link object you can delete it like this:

or theGant.GetLinks.Delete(i);

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