10592 : Collisiondetection placement


When there is a collision between DateTime items they get arranged one above the other – this is good, however the arrangement (which is shown above and which is below) can change as you zoom and pan. Have you noticed this? Can this be prevented in any sensible fashion? What about a tag or id or something that we could set to force an order – this could be used, as well, to control what the drawing order is when automatic collision detection is not used (if there is not already a means of doing this?


In the latest version of GTP.NET we use a rule that makes the placement more distinct. We always place the earliest time item in top column, and then they are arranged according to their start date. If you need a different order it is good to know that you can control this placement by setting the SubCol value of the time item. You can also use the event OnCollisionDetect and set the TimeDistinctItems DistinctPosition to control the assigned subcol value.

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