10558 : Is there a way to make faster my gantt?


I installed the Siemens version of phGantXControl.ocx but I see that it’s slower than phGantXControl.ocx of the try version.

Is there a way to make faster my gantt? I see that it exists an event called OnVirtualLoadGrid but I don’t understand how I can use it and if it is really able to improve performances of my gantt.


There is no difference in the phGant used by Siemens and the general download except maybe a version difference. You can upgrade (without any fees of course) to the latest patch.

The virtual load is an option if your loading and unloading times are noticeable, and you have many rows as root nodes.

Basically the virtual load has only the grid items shown on screen in memory, and sends events to load and unload data as you scroll in the y direction. So instead of taking all the time in the beginning it distributes the loading time. This will be a good option if your load has a small start up penalty and can deliver small amounts of data fast, but delivers large amounts of data slowly.


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