10499 : Virtual load in phGantTimePackage


I’m trying to figure out the virtual load stuff. I saw the word doc “virtualload.doc”, and the sample event was helpfull… however it never fires. I assume I need to tell the grid I have 50 rows, and then it’ll fire the event 50 times, once for each row?

You make mention of a function “AddUnloaded(x)”, but I cannot find it anywere. How do I use it?

And one last question. If I add a root node in a normal fasion, can I use virtual load to load its children? Do I have to know up front how many children it will have?


The methods to call in the ActiveX version is IphGantX3.GridAddUnloaded(50) and then IphGantX3.OnVirtualLoadGrid will get called for each row that needs to be put on screen.

And then IphGantX3.OnVirtualUnLoadGrid will get called whenever a row does not show anymore.

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