10498 : Gantt_ASP interaction


I’m working with GTP.NET for ASP.NET10 trial version, which I downloaded directly from your site. I’m trying to enable both the horizontally drag&drop and the resizing of a timeitem, but when I click on the timeitem, the gantt is only refreshed and nothing remains selected.

Furthermore, if I try to move a timeitem (holding the left-click and moving the mouse), the “unavailable pointer” sing appears, and the gantt doesn’t do nothing (it doesn’t even do the refresh).

I also attached events for “OnTimeItem_BeforeMove” and “OnTimeItem_AfterMove”, but the only event intercepted is the “OnTimeItem_ClientClick”

How can I enable drag&drop?

Please note that I almost copied the code from the help downloaded from your site.


Many of the interaction events from windows forms are disabled in Gantt_ASP. The Gantt_ASP produces strict html and uses postbacks to handle user events. To get full interaction you need to include the windows forms assembly in your web page. Or you can bring up new windows and get text information from the user on new values for a time item etc (this you need to do yourself).

We are working on an Ajax enabled Gantt wrapper that will give you some user interaction without postbacks but this is not finished (no date).

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