10495 : Selecting a link


How can I find the Link between two phDataEntity_GantTime?
I want to use mouse double click the Link in GA, and then I can get the Link Object,but now I got nothing,how can I get it.

I found a example on plexityHide’s site,but I can’t open it ,please help me ,thanks!


The links in phGantTimePackage are not selectable in the current release. The links in GTP.NET are selectable.

The workaround that is commonly used in phGantTimePackage is to select a time item and produce a context menu containing the links that start or end in this time item, and have the user choose in this menu instead.
If you were to use owner drawn links you would have full control over how the links are drawn and can then catch a click to see if it is on such a link.

Selectable links is a candidate for version 4 of the product (no date set yet). Sorry for the bad news.

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