10437 : Stopping time item move


I would like to cancel a TimeItem move under certain conditions, and I tried using e.allow=false. It works in the sense that the TimeItem could not be moved horizontally, but it could still move vertically and would land itself on other rows (i.e. the X coordinate remained the same, but the Y coordinate has changed). Did I missed out any settings here? Thank you.


If you set e.Allow=false in the event OnTimeItem_Move the move in time will be stopped.
To Stop move in row you must implement the OnTimeItem_ChangeRow event and set e.Allow=false.

This way you can effectivly seperate the two kinds of move available.

To effectivly disallow row change you can set TimeItem.TimeItemLayout.AllowChangeRow=false (note that this will stop all time items charing the same TimeItemLayout to disallow row change)

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