10432 : Separating a click from a move etc


I would like the user to be able to change start and stop dates by moving the time item and dragging the start or stop. I would also like the user to click on the time item to get a new window up with more detailed information. I have problems to find out when the user has clicked on a time item, is there an easy way to do that? The events that I can think of (OnTimeItemAreaClick, OnTimeItemAreaMouseDown…) are all fired together with AfterMove, StartValueResize, and StopValueResize.


implement OnTimeItemAreaMouseDown, in this event check the Gantt.MouseMoveKind property, it can take on values like none,move,resizew,resizee,linkCreate,timeItemCreate,linkReAssign

This information combined with the standard event parameters like e.Clicks==2 can help you catch a double.

If you just want to catch a single click you should know that we interpet this as a select of that time item. So you can implement OnTimeItem_SelectionChanged to catch these.


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