10389 : GTP.NET.WEB paging


Im using PlexityHide GTP.NET.WEB.
I face an issue on Paging.
For example, i set the page size= 5.
My total record to show in the grid is 10 rows of records.

The result expected is 2 pages with 5 rows record per page.
But i get the 3 pages record with
1 page – 5 records
2 page – 5 records ( the 1st record from Page 2 is duplicate from the 5th record from the 1st page)
3 page – 1 records

i try to change the page size to 10.
the result is 2 pages.
1 page – 10 records.
2 page – 1 rec


Yes, confirmed. This was a bug in the Gantt_ASP class. It is now fixed ( and can be dowloaded from here: https://plexityhide.com/pub/PlexityHide.GTP.zip

NOTE this is for CLR 1.1; for CLR 2.0 (VisualStudio 2005):

https://plexityhide.com/pub/PlexityHide.GTP.WEB.CLR20.zip (at the time of writing GTP.WEB.CLR20 is not available, but it will be very soon)

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