10388 : Im interested in having some read only time items in a gantt.


I’m interested in having some read only time items in a gantt. These time items are only there to show aggregate data (the total number of hours worked per employee). I don’t want the user to be able to modify them or select them on the gantt. When the user’s mouse hovers over these time items I don’t even want the mouse cursor to change into a hand.

I saw the suggestions in this article:


Unfortunately, the items are still selectable and the mouse cursor acts as if they are movable items.

Ideally, I’d like to draw information on the “background” of the gantt row at the beginning of each week which states the total number of hours worked for that user for the week. How I was going to accomplish this was adding another layer to the gantt which was databound to a rollup table I calculate which contains this data.

Is there a better way which you would recommend I use to achieve the desired effect?


To get information into the background that is truly “dead” and allows no interaction I suggest that you implement the OnTimeItemAreaPaintBackground event as described in this article: http://plexityhide.dyndns.org/InstantKB13/Article.aspx?id=10066

You can use the Gantt.DateScaler.TimeToPixel method to translate a time to an exact pixel position so that you place your info on the exact correct place.


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