10380 : Action on Grid data in Gantt_ASP


I’m using PlexityHide GTP.NET.WEB.

I’m using this control to display all the event (Grid) with timeline.
Currently, when click on the timeline, the related info will display in other page at the frame below.

I had pass the eventID when OnTimeItem_ClientClick.

My question is, can i do the same as OnTimeItem_ClientClick but apply to the grid.

So far when my mouse point to each row on the grid, the cursor do not change to ‘hand’ and i try to few event like grid_click and etc, there is no response on that.

Please advice.


Currently the best way to do this is by changing the grid data to a link (href) and in the link describe what action you want to take.

Like if you have a name in a grid cell like “Karlsen” and you want to do something when the user clicks that name:
Instead of adding “Karlsen” to the cell add “<a href=’javascript:__doPostBack(‘Gantt_ASP1′,’SOMEID;SOMEDATA’)’>Karlsen</a> ” then catch the postback in the Form on the server side.

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