10358 : GTP.NET in connection with ECOII


I’ve tested GTP.NET in connection with ECOII. Your example you provided works fine, except that changed names of the task or subtask items are note written to the EcoSpace. It seems there is a problem with the command:


For project names it works.

Thanks in advance


I think maybe there was a mistake in an earlier version. The code for hooking up the subnodes now looks like this:

// We want to handle sub nodes with data bind….
// And we defined the sub tasks with nesting in our expression handle.
CurrencyManager cm=e.GridNode.OwningCollection.NodeDataConnect.CurrencyManager;
object ox=e.GridNode.ListItemWhenDataBound();
PropertyDescriptor pd=cm.GetItemProperties()[“SubTasks”];
RenderedList subnodes=pd.GetValue(ox) as RenderedList;

And according to recent testing it works. I have updated the download of the sample: https://plexityhide.com/pub/AProjectPlanner.zip

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

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