10332 : How do you databind a dataset to the datagrid for the Web (PlexityHide.GTP.WEB.dll)?


How do you databind a dataset to the datagrid for the Web (PlexityHide.GTP.WEB.dll)?  Followed the example like the Windows Form does not bind the data – the dataset does have the information.


We made a new sample. This is sample is not in the general download at the time this is being written, but it will be.

You can download the sample from here: https://plexityhide.com/pub/WebSampleWithDatabind.zip

This sample is very thin but it shows the important concepts. The sample has more or less a copy of the sample Gantt_Database and instansiate the windowsform from that sample, wraps the data bounded gantt from that sample to a Gantt_ASP.

Ofcourse you would not need to instansiate the form, but it is a practical solution if you already have a winform with a Gantt and you want to show the same info on the web.

The new active code from the sample above is only this:

private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
	// Put user code to initialize the page here
	// Since we made a sample called Gantt_Databind that brings up a windows form
	// with a gantt that shows data from a demo database we reuse that form and 
	// instruct this web gantt to wrap that gantt (gantt_ASPSettings2.WrapGantt)
	// When that is setup we ask the form to connect to the database. Voila!
	// This is a good example on how you can reuse the investment in a form showing 
	// Gantt data on the web.
	Form1 aformwithaBindingGantt=new Form1();

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