10329 : What must I do to run the Gantt_Database sample?


What do I do with the gtpnetdemo.bck file and what must I do to run the Gantt_Database sample?


To restore the database backup gtpnetdemo.bck you should have admin access to a sqlserver database, or a msde local installation (that you can download for free at microsoft).

Once you have that you can use the osql command prompt tool to restore the database.
(if you have sqlserver you probably will use the Enterprise Manager)

In the project folder you will find a file called Sample_OSQL_Commands.txt
It contains this info:

Start a cmd tool.

Start OSQL with:

OSQL -S <your msde or sqlserver server name> -E

To back up the database:

1> backup database gtpnetdemo to disk=’c:\temp\gtpnetdemo.bck’

2> go


To Restore the database (you will need to do this before running the sample):

1> restore database gtpnetdemo from disk =’c:\temp\gtpnetdemo.bck’ with replace

2> go

with replace is only needed if you already have a db with this name.

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