10270 : No components in my toolbox?


(Im still using Demo)
No Item in the Toolbox to be dragged onto (win-)form? Both Whidbey Beta 2 as VS2K3 dont show me an Item in the toolbox to work with? To built a new Gantt Diagram. So I dont know which option I missed because there are no arrows on my diagramm to move through time, as in all examples (and no showing of ed date, either). Ok that are too questions at once, hope you can help anyway?


They should be there but you can add the components to your toolbox by hand. In VS2005 beta2, right click the toolbox and choose  “Choose Items”, click “Browse”, go to c:\program\plexityhide.com\GTP.NET 2.0 and choose PlexityHide.GTP.dll and PlexityHide.GTP.WEB.dll… Click OK.

They should now be in your toolbox



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