10268 : I miss the onDependencyAction-Event in the control


I use the Gant-Activex-Control. I will allow a user to create dependencys in the Gant-Area. Now I miss the onDependencyAction-Event in the control.


The phGantTimePackage does not currently implement selectable links or actions on links. It does however allow for creation of links described in this article: http://plexityhide.dyndns.org/InstantKB13/Article.aspx?id=10208

The event described was however not exposed in the ocx version. This is now fixed. The following event has been added:

procedure OnDependencyAction(const theGant: IphGantX3;
                                 const theStartDataEntity: IphDataEntity_GantTime2;
                                 const theTargetDataEntity: IphDataEntity_GantTime2); dispid 208;

Get it by downloading the latest patch from here https://plexityhide.com/pub/phGantXControl.zip


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