10236 : Time item will not change row?

Can you tell me..is it possible for the Gant Times to visually move to a different Gant Row when dropped?  I set the option for the tree.CanChangeRows to true which allows for dragging the GantTime to a new row but when I let go of the block, nothing happens — it doesn’t move to the new Row where dropped or change in time.  (If I just drag to a different time then it moves to the new time fine.) 
I’m using the ActiveX version.
Thanks for any help you can offer!
Yes, but you must implement the IphGantX3.OnGantTimeChangeRow event to that is fired when the user drops a time item on another row.
Like this in VB6:
Private Sub phGantX1_OnGantTimeChangeRow(ByVal theGant As phGantXControl.IphGantX, ByVal theDataEntity As phGantXControl.IphDataEntity_GantTime, ByVal theOldRow As phGantXControl.IGantRow, ByVal theNewRow As phGantXControl.IGantRow)
Dim aList As IphDataList
    Set aList = theNewRow.DataLists.DataList(0)
    theDataEntity.ChangeOwner aList, 0
End Sub

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