10235 : Printing is complex


I m using your latest version in which you have given the support of Printing in X direction. By using your example I have successfully printed two pages in X direction but the question is that how someone would know in advance about the number of pages to be printed in X direction, I mean if one has set the scale in days then the time bars will become very long and let say if the scale is set in Quarters, then he might not need to print in x direction further.

My question is that why your print preview functionality is not so comprehensive that it could handle all the print related issues within itself. Why it is left for the developers?

It would be very helpfull if you could please tell us how to handle it easily?

Though we have found your product very valuable and we are really impressed by it But printing is the one area, which really needs to be improved.


The problem for us, as a supplier of a generic tool, is that we know even less regarding what your user may need. GTP.NET is currently used in applications showing only seconds and were dates have no meaning, and in applications showing years of information on overview screens. We can make no assumptions on what is important.

I agree that we can do a better job in helping you, the developer, out. But in the end you will still require the complete flexibility that our current solution offer.

I’m adding this to our todo list, thank you for the feedback.

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