10218 : Every time I double click a cell the cell goes into edit mode…


I am evaluating the GTP .NET product and I am trying to create a gantt chart from data already in a sql table.

I want to be able to bring up a properties dialog box when double clicking on the grid, the box should show details of the row I double clicked. I am having problems implementing this because every time I double click a cell the cell goes into edit mode and the grid double click is not fired.

How can I achieve this?


If you have no need to edit cells; Set the GridColumns[x].Readonly=true.

If you want to allow edit, but not from double click, you can implement the OnGridMouseDown event, and set the GridColumn in question to readonly and then set it back to readonly=false, in the OnGridMouseUp.

It feels somewhat like a bug that the doubleclick is not called at all… Can you send us a repeating sample on this issue we would appreciate it… (email samples to support@plexityhidemainsite.azurewebsites.net)

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