10209 : Upgrading


I just saw there is a new version of GTP.Net out, 2.01.
So I downloaded it, and installed it. I removed my old GTP Reference from my VB.NET and ed the new one, 2.01. After that I was asked for my serial number, so I pasted it into the form. But it still says Evaluation.

Could it be my license is to old (1,5 years ago I think) and do I need to buy it again just to get that ?

Or maybe I did something wrong?


We ask for a small upgrade fee (25% percent of price of a new license) for the 2.0 version. The 1.0 keys will not work for 2.0.

The upgrade can be bought from the normal shop page, or via componentSource. You will be asked to identify the old lilcense (using the 1.x key)

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