10205 : OnHintInfo


We’ve been looking desperately for an event or a property that gives back the current start and stop value of a GantTime when it is dragged. We need to know these values at any time while it is dragged so that the one who drags (or changes the GantTime in another way)  knows the current values of the time period  b e f o r e  he


Use IphGantX3.OnHintInfo,

private void axphGantX1_OnHintInfo(object sender,
AxphGantXControl.IphGantXEvents_OnHintInfoEvent e)
  labelHint.Text=”Starts”+e.theStart.ToString()+” and This long:”+e.theLength.ToString();

Use the e.theStart and e.theLength parameters to get the would be
time/length if the user were to drop now.

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