10139 : I loose date information when zooming.


When I zoom in by sliding the scaler, I loose some very useful information on dates and Times. Let me explain…. Lets say I start showing the chart with a period of 2 months, when I zoom in down to the hour level, i loose the date information at some point. First line shows 2000 March-April, second line shows time of the day and third line shows minutes in the hours. But where is my current date? I expected this information climbing on the first line like ‘2000 March 06′, second line ’21:00:00′ and third line ’00 10 20 30 40 50 00’. Any way to keep the complete date/time cascade ?


These are good points. Currently the overview info is put in the extra text called “date scale info” in the top left corner. And also remember that all texts that are generated in the date scale can be overriden, extended or replaced with numerous events… We will put this on our attention list for constructive feedback. Thank you.


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