10137 : How should I handle time zone discontinuities?


How should I handle time zone discontinuities?

E.g. straight Flight from SYD/LAX arrives before it leaves in local time.

User does not want to display date time in UTC/GMT.


A bit tricky… Depending on what you really want I would suggest one of the following:

Create two time items for each flight, with two different TimeItemCellLayout colors. Say that you choose Green for flight start and Yellow for flight landing… Then you can allow the Landing to take place before the start. I’m not sure if the average user would understand this behaviour, but you can clarify it with tooltips or TimeItemTexts.


Implement the OnDateScalerDrawString event and extra info into the date scale showing seperate time zones… Maybe you want to ovveride the entire DateScale presentation for this, then implement the Gantt.OnDateScalerPaintForeground event…

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